Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grundy Day Trail (South Cumberland State Park) 10/23/2009

Jackie and I wanted to see some of the fall colors. We had planned to ride over the Cherohala Skyway but since it was raining, we went west. I had been wanting to go to the Savage Gulf, so we went. We reached the Park Visitor Center around 1-1.30 and the woman there told us about Grundy Forest. Not knowing when the sun would set, we went there.

The trail started at a picnic pavilion. There are two ways to hike the trail. One is to start on the Fiery Gizzard Trail Head and the other is to start the trail behind a picnic table pavilion. We decided to start behind the pavilion.
Start of Trail

The trail started off winding its way down the side of the ridge, very gradually. Within .25 miles we had dropped maybe 50 feet and came to a small creek making a waterfall down the side of the ridge with a bridge over the top of the falls.

We took pictures and then went over the bridge and on the trail. The trail climbed a little ways up the ridge and was fairly strait. When we came to the CCC Camp Site, the trail turned to the left and started down the ridge. Going down was pretty steep, but nothing bad. At the bottom of the ridge, the trail turned back left and followed a creek. It was nice with the mist in the air causing sun beams. The ridge was steep here, falling directly to the creek. The trail became very narrow, Jackie and I could not walk side by side any more. The trail reminded me of a mountain goat path. This was maybe .75 miles into the trail.

At 1 mile we came to the Haynes Hole Falls. This was a neat waterfall. It falls 25 feet according to the info I could find. We took many pictures here. There was a bridge over part of the rocks. it was really a nice spot. The water here was cold.
Haynes Hole Falls
The trail continues along the side of the ridge, a goat path for about another .5 miles. Then it meets with the Fiery Gizzard Trail. The Gizzard goes to the right over a bridge and up a ridge. After meeting up with the Gizzard, the trail widens back out. About .1 miles from the bridge, the trail comes to Blue Hole Falls. In my opinion it is not a pretty as Haynes Hole Falls and it was further away from the trail, but we were still able to get a couple pictures. The trail then goes into some undergrowth. It was like walking through hedges. Once through this area the trail becomes rocky. It runs against some bluffs and goes under a little overhang forming a cave. It was a nice spot. A good place to be if it begins to rain, but I would not want to camp there.

After getting through the bluff, the trail begins a sharp ascent. It climbs up the bluffs that it followed. The trail is steep and twisting. Once to the top the trail becomes level and there is an overlook, but with the trees being higher than the spot we couldn't see much. After the overlook, the trail begins a wide arc back to the parking area. It was a nice trail and I would hike it again.

Total Miles Hiked: 2

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